Parkour Akatemia etsii opiskelijoita harjoittelijoiksi kansainväliseen projektiin. Katso kuvas alla ja täytä lomake viimeistään 18.6.2020 jos olet kiinnostunut! | Parkour Academy is looking for students for traineeship in international development project. Please see description below and fill in the form if interested!


PROJECT HOST: Parkour Akatemia 

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: International trade development project during July-September of 2020


Parkour Akatemia is world’s biggest parkour-teaching establishment and runs almost ten parkour gyms in Finland that offer parkour, acrobatics and circus lessons for thousands of participants. Founders of Parkour Akatemia Oy are one of the world’s most experienced parkour professionals and are especially known for their work in designing parkour equipment. Parkour Akatemia Oy also produces shows, workshops and coaching both in and outside Finland.


–          Find and research potential partners from Europe for production

–          Find and research potential partners from Europe for distribution and sales

–          Find the hottest market area in the near future for this type of products


This project that offers international experience concentrating on the European market. Working in this project can give interesting insight into our line of work in Parkour Akatemia and open new work opportunities.

Application for students

Please fill this form 18th of July 2020 at the latest if interested in traineeship in Parkour Academy of Finland
  • Please fill in the name of the place and faculty you study in
  • Please fill in your work experience and how many years have you beengs studying and what subjects. Few lines are enough.